Catherine was raised in West Hartford, CT. She is a trained dancer, spending almost a quarter of her life dancing and training in ballet, jazz, character, pointe, hip-hop and contemporary dance styles. Catherine spent three years in High School as a member of her High School dance team, The Hall High Jazz Dancers. In addition to dancing, Catherine is a figure-skater and former figure-skating coach. She also knows how to play the clarinet.

Catherine is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, MA with a passion for traveling, writing, photography, painting, art and writing. While unable to find a full time job, since graduating college, Catherine worked at various temp positions, and also worked on two political campaigns. More recently, Catherine has went against her passion and desires and is somewhat settled down, while cooping up at home with her parents and trying to save money for travel and new adventures.

Catherine’s penchant for travel began at the young age of 3, on one of her earliest visits to visit family in Jamaica. Her parents have always nurtured her love of culture and hunger to see the world, with such vacations to England, Spain, France and Canada.

Catherine is currently working as a marketing manager at a small theater company.

Catherine loves Cheese Pizza, the sound of foreign languages, Sunday morning brunch, and the color blue. She formerly ran the blog, brokepersonsguide.wordpress.com.

She is obsessed with unique jewelry, and outfits that you can rarely find anywhere else, such as basket earrings and mirror earrings. She is also convinced that she is a superhero.

This blog will be dedicated to Catherine’s life travels & adventures, language learning, and culinary passions, plus as a platform for her to speak out about the norm.


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