Lyra Hoop: My New Favorite Passtime

I have always been a fan of the circus, trapeze artists and acrobats, the way they move through the air, so fluidly. To an outsider, they make it look so easy.


It’s a great sport. A fantastic sport, one of which I recently took an interest in. It is truly amazing, and who knows, it may even help me combat my fear of heights. I am all about new experiences and trying new things. This falls right in line.

I decided to sign up and take Lyra classes at Air Temple in Woodbridge, CT. My first class was yesterday, and here is what happened:

  1. I developed a whole new appreciation for the skill, athleticism and technique that is required to do aerials
  2. I realized how much core & upper body strength is required
  3. I realized how much flexibility is required
  4. I learned a new skill
  5. I got blisters all over my hands
  6. I found a new passion
  7. I learned that you are never too old. NEVER!
  8. I woke up the next morning in an indescribable pain
  9. I can’t wait until my next class

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