Failure to Launch

Okay, does anybody remember that Matthew M. and Sarah Jessica Parker film, Failure to Launch in which Matthew’s character, Tripp, lived at home with his parents until well in his thirties? For all intents and purposes, I almost feel just like that, minus the living at home with my parents part. Although, in Italian culture, it is perfectly normal to live at home with your parents.

Me, personally, I love my parents. I could not ask for better parents. But sometimes, I still feel like I rely on them too heavily, even though I know, that at this age, I really should not be depending on them so much. I mean, I still share a phone plan with my mother.

The twenties, it is a very trying time in any young woman’s life. I mean, you are trying to hold on to what is left of your youth and your innocence, and yet you are being pulled and ripped in the opposite direction. Part of me does not want to grow up, if I’m being honest. I am not a fan of change. I do not want things to change, between my friends and I, my family. I want to simply put, stay frozen in time.


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